About Our Start-Up


Founded By An Athlete

The Best Business Ideas Come From A Personal Need.

Adrien has created Mix & Try to answer to a need for more convenience and choice when it comes to selecting and buying sport supplements.

He believes that we need to be taking sport supplements as we do with food, a different flavour and a different ingredient every time..

There is a myriad of different protein products and flavours out there in the market, and as athletes, we don’t we get to try them all!


Our Values

We want for Mix & Try to develop with its customers services and products that makes having a fit lifestyle as easy and as enjoyable as possible.

We will always take our customers side and get for them the best products in the market.

We want to become a platform that supports and nourishes fitness in all ways possible, with no biases towards the brands that we work with.

Our success and growth is based on our customers satisfaction and attainment of their goals. 

The Incubator

This Company is Incubated in ESSEC Paris, as part of Entrepreneurship and Business Design and Innovation Track

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